Growing up, surf culture was heavily driven by magazines such as Surfer Mag, Transworld, Surfers Journal, etc . It was influenced by your local surf shop, and by the team riders each shop and brand sponsored. 

It was a time when a surf movie inspired and created excitement. The excitement of surfing, traveling and the subsequent aspirational life style fostered the culture. A culture where surfing dictated so much- clothing, language, hairstyle, friends, boards, travel, and even food. 

For me, movies like Young Guns, Step Into Liquid, The Endless Summer, Castles in the Sky, Modern Collective, Shelter, and September Sessions stoked my surfing flame. 

I’m not sure why things changed (the internet probably had something to do with it), but the magazines which I grew up on lost their luster. The local pros and shop sponsorships slowly faded and lost their influence, and the idea of surfing being a way of life, and not just a hobby slowly went away. 

What inspired me as a grom continues to inspire me, and in an effort to revive those feelings of my youth, I decided to reinvigorate Adam Mar with a taste of old.

This spring, we will be releasing an annual piece of literature, AM Surf. A magazine that draws inspiration from surf culture, shapers, surfers, photographers. A magazine that draws inspiration from natural world, biologists, ecologists, wildlife photographers, and lastly draws from a wonderful collection of people involved in an eclectic assortment of arts.