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Christenson Surfboards

Christenson - Scarlet Begonia ( 9'0 )

Christenson - Scarlet Begonia ( 9'0 )


Based off of a Christenson Surfboards template from some years ago, the key ingredients are subtly distilled. A wide area towards the middle/back combined with soft semi refined classic rails, in the Christenson Surfboards landmark style.

A narrower nose with a long soft concave, this model lets you trim, turn  and adjust your position from all parts of the board. 

The custom made rocker, rather flat from tail to the middle, still has a slight kick in the back and will ensure you get that constant speed while also providing elevation while on the tip. 

A surfboard made for clean surfing, speed and precision with a classic look.  


9’6 x 23 1/4” x 3 1/16”

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