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Derrick Disney

Derrick Disney - Twinzr Fish ( 5'9 )

Derrick Disney - Twinzr Fish ( 5'9 )


We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Jack Coleman and Derrick Disney, for our fledgeling magazine " AM SURF". The following was Derrick's take on the twinzer fish. The rest of his interview for "AM SURF" can be read in the mag.  

The Twinzr fish came about after riding a more traditional keel fin fish with the 8.5 x 5 keels and after watching the best wave ever captured of Tom Curren at J-Bay (a well-known break in South Africa). He was wielding his 7-foot something quad. Watching him surf it gave me a really good feeling, but obviously I’m not Tom Curren, and can’t do turns like that on a 7-foot board, so I put together thoughts and design concepts on how I could apply them to a fish. I was able to narrow up the tail block on a fish, compared to the keel fin;. I put different bottom contours on it that were complimentary to each fin on each rail, and that’s where the Twinzr fish design stemmed from. It was after I went to surf Mexican point breaks where it clicked and it was one of the coolest feelings ever. I’m going to places on the wave that I’ve always wanted to go and never have been able to. I felt like it just synced up with me and what I like to do on a wave. I’d say the Twinzr Fish is a high-performance fish. This is all in comparison to a traditional straight railed keel fish. The threshold for the Twinzr fish seems to be bigger than that of a keel fin fish.”

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